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“Time is the most valuable thing that a man can spend.”—Diogenes

I rang in the new year with a close friend watching the fireworks go wild and enjoying good company. The next morning, I realized that I wasn't as intentional about setting goals this year, was it too late? Last year my mom and I released the most difficult moments of our lives and walked into the new year clean slate- I read a book that speaks about the power of manifestation and the author challenges her readers to write down all the negative moments, pain, and resentment in a letter format and then light it on fire. As it burns and the ashes float into the sky, it symbolizes a release of all the pain, welcoming healing. It was freeing.

As much as I enjoy joining the masses to write down goals and practice manifestation as we ring in the new year, this time let's shift our attention to the hourglass mindset. People often say life is short, instead I believe that life is long and can either be lived to its fullest our waisted. Think about how old you are today reflecting on how much life has passed, and how much you have accomplished. The biggest challenge for us this year is to dive deeper into what we are building and put in those 10,000hours. Arnold schwarzenegger- one of the fittest and strongest men on earth and former governer of california highlighted in an interview that most of us do not want to put in the hours, we back out when it gets too difficult and we want instant results but the most successful people put in the work not focusing on how short life is but embracing a mindset of abundance, wealth, health etc.

The one truth of it all is that time is our most valuable asset, and whether we do what we love or not, time does not stop ticking and your hourglass keeps emptying. So what are going to do about it?

Happy new year

Today's mantra: I am blessed with abundance of life, family, good health and unlimited energy(money)