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I did not truly know my true identity until earlier this year( s/u to @samantha Tishner author of heal first love second for coaching me one-on-one threw the most challenging season of my life). I knew that I was an extrovert, who loves to work out, dance, travel, appreciate intelligent conversation, a nice glass of wine and won't be seen in public without concealer and Maybelline's burgundy matte lipstick. Other than I was clueless, these were superficial traits things that anyone could learn about me after a 2min hangout but what was my profound build made off- WHO IS Elizabeth? If someone asked me to tell me about yourself-I'd immediately rant about the frivolous version of me. After working for a few months with my life coach, she recommended an activity that helped me find my unique qualities. I went into deep thought trying to remember my accomplishments from childhood till date, my weaknesses/strengths, fears and more. It felt like I had unlocked the first lock to knowing myself. Sam suggested that I spend time with myself; date myself, write, and meditate. I realized that as hard as that was for me, because I had dedicated the last 32 years of my life to investing in everyone except myself. I started to find the other pieces to the puzzle of who I truly am-ALL OF ME. My passion, my style, my boundaries, what I am capable of offering, and my personal style. I was in absolute AWE!. People used to tell me how amazing of a person they think I am and I let that go in one ear and out the other. What do you mean I am an amazing lady-my negative subconscious self-talk would immediately remind me of all the mistakes I had made in my life; the lost relationships, disappointments, and more, and before that person finished their sentence I had already rejected the beautiful compliment. WHO ARE YOU> How do you freely Express yourself-do you often feel the need to adjust your style, your tone, and YOU based on who is around? SIS trust me when I say regardless of what you do and how you do it -someone will find fault in it so you might as well enjoy it and embrace your confidence and uniqueness.


I am a leader, a sexy African Goddess who raises her children with pride and diligence. I have amazing relationships, my closest friends challenge me in a positive light and we share similar goals for the future #millions. I am disciplined and hardworking, and I do what I enjoy to the best of my ability. My kids and I vacation frequently. My values are centered on loyalty, diligence, self-love, and honesty. I am successful and I will utilize the means I have to change several lives. I am comfortable expressing my emotions in the right circumstances. I am a BOSS and an ENPRENEUR who does not like being told what to do but will do what is necessary to build my team. I enjoy a lifestyle full of luxury. My faith is centered on my personal relationship with God. My strengths outweigh my weaknesses and I Love deeply and hard. I identify more with the name ELLE because she reminds me of who I truly am, she's ALL OF ME.