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Bright, Beautiful & Bloody

Bright, Beautiful & Bloody
Normalizing Mother Nature

GURLLLL, umm, first of all, Happy new year, my loves. This is officially my first 2023 blog post, and in celebration of Us, Self-identity, Confidence, freedom, and most importantly, mother freaking nature, I'd love to share a rather interesting story-some may even call it taboo. Well, earlier this month, my boys and I surprised my sister and her husband to celebrate her birthday and his inauguration as the newly elected president of the Cameroonian Community of San Antonio. That's right we got the keys to the white house mofo and let me tell you it is breathtaking, well I'll let his Michelle Obama #firstlady tell you all about it. So they organized this huge party - ladies, you know I love a good night out, a beautiful African dress gala style, Afrobeats and an old-fashioned on the rocks will get me off the charts. Okay, back to the story. So we're seated at this table, my mother, my sister, some close friends, and my little niece Zoe, having a freaking blast as the music is festively playing. My sister and I decided to head to the food table and as a stand-up SIS!!! My entire derriere is covered in Blood like not a little stain, a pool of Bright red blood as if all my sins had been exposed. It stained through my dress, the white chair covers, and the chair itself. Oh, fun fact, I was wearing a bright blue dress, and the chair covers were white, so picture that. My little 7yr old niece screams 'aunt Liz there's blood all over your dress and the chair', It took less than .1secs for my brain to force me back to a seated position. I mean I never sat down so fast in my life. The first thought that went through my head was oh crap! did anybody see that?, then I thought did my period cup move WTF? I remembered that I wore a tampon that night because I was in such a hurry and my period cup won't cooperate with me.

My sister looked terrified, as if a wild beast had been set loose- she looked like she was going to pee herself (love you Sisi). She looked more concerned than I did. As I processed, I realized that it was not such a bad thing that I was having a period for heaven's sake, and I just needed a change of clothes. So my sister hurries to her car, grabbing a tampon and a pad, in her terror she finds a pink clutch to discretely hide the tampons and pads in. When the clutch made it back to me, I wondered why on earth having a period stain was such a taboo. WHY? Like, I'm a 32year old woman with two kids, everyone in here is an adult, and somehow nobody needed to see this 'awful thing' that was happening. So I decided to normalize bleeding/periods, our beautiful menstrual cycles are not a fucking TABOO, MY LADIES. I took the tampon out of the bag, held it straight up, threw a little scarf around my dress, and literally walked my way to the restrooms making sure that it was obvious that I was changing my tampon. I mean, why on earth am I supposed to be so ashamed of it? Because people will see and know that I have female parts? Who cares?

So my creed moving forward is I will not be ashamed of who I AM, all of it. That includes the craziness, spiciness, sassiness, style, whatever you call it, and I encourage my readers to do the same. Our bright beautiful bleeding is a normal part of mother nature, and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Have a great month. P.s it's almost my B-DAY