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Interestingly, a long-lost love, or a long-blocked love, found me and professed his love again, reminding me of how precious we were together and all the things we shared that made what we had special. I could not remember half of it, but it was heartwarming. The old me would have started rebuilding an old relationship I departed from for good reason but the new me knows what is best for me and I did not entertain it . When I was married, he'd try to get a hold of me and ask questions like, " Are you happy? I miss you blah blah- all the stuff people say when the thought of love makes them delusional. To protect my marriage, I blocked him, but then he resurfaced immediately; he found out that I was divorced.WILD.

It's not flattering to be pursued constantly; the other day, I took my oldest son for a haircut, and his barber was hitting on me -like Neg** my child is in your chair. From there, we stopped at the grocery store, and a random person was hitting on me; we went to the playground, and there came a single dad who thINKS HE gets extra points for being there with his kid and wanted to be flirty; nonetheless, these men are freaking thirsty. Absolutely nothing to do with genuine connections or wanting to know someone's soul. It is a dog-eat-dog dating world where men and women nowadays don't try to start from scratch -getting to know someone at the core, but they immediately think with their din-dongs(let's keep it PG for my less mature followers).

What happened to true romance? Oh, I know! Online dating sites happened. I once signed up for Hinge, and within hours, I'd get over 300 requests to connect; 290 of those just wanted to get it in, and the other ten looked like serial killers and total weirdo creeps, so I deleted my account. I haven't met anybody worth my time, frankly. Still, I am patient, mindful, and natural about the dating process because I firmly believe that energies mix. I wouldn't want my perfect babies to feel any negativity- I did not leave a 6-year traumatic marriage to date a dusty (if you haven't heard the term dusty, please do your research and keep up).

I might throw my hat into the space of affluent bachelors -financially stable-dressed, gentle men obsessed with making business moves. That's what I've been into. Dating broke men messes with your VV PH (joke or is it), but at least meeting someone who understands the value of time and money may feel less overbearing -more to follow on this topic. The most exciting part is how amazing it feels to be comfortable without a partner. I am independent, make money, pay my bills, buy expensive gifts for myself, and at my leisure, my boys and I vacation often, and when I tell you this is LIFE, it is LIFE. And until I meet someone who wants to start from scratch there is absolutely no rush to be coupled up.