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Las Vegas in Red

Las Vegas in Red

Being a mother has been challenging but becoming a SINGLE mother, there is no adjective good Enough to depict in detail the level of stress, and internal demise associated with the latter. Don't get me wrong, I am literally obsessed with my boys and although I make time for a little self-care, I somehow stand face to face with the unavoidable MOM guilt and rush home before it is over. So I found a sitter who would watch my kids during the day and my mother would care for them at night. I just needed two days, away from long nights, baby puke, and toddler tantrums -I needed 48hrs in Vegas. I had only heard about its grandeur, never visited in the past, and with a thrilling sense of self-gratitude for finally treating myself, I hopped on a flight. My good friend was going to meet me there and she was a Vegas Vet so who better to go with?


First, we had to dance, it was unavoidable- we bonded over making time to dance when things got stressful back in Nursing school so off-course amidst a difficult divorce, we had to dance. At the BEACH club, day and night sipping on an overpriced drink surrounded by pools, lights, and happy people. It surpassed my expectations.

Then we had some amazing food from the modern vegan and Enjoyed walking the beautiful strip, soaking up the view, and severing the gift of good friendship and company. At this point, all I could think about was how much I missed my boys and could not wait to get back on a flight. I do plan on going back to Las Vegas and I Encourage Every busy mama out there to make time for her self care.