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 I continue to encounter incredible energy that is positively infectious, leaving me poised and overwhelmed with insight. I used to consume everything; good, bad, hurtful, and beneficial advice. It flows through my bloodstream like a good old-fashioned way, leaving me drunk with either good vibes or endless self-doubt. Nobody is perfect; as much as I am a work in progress, I have made immense progress, but I battle to some degree with 'SELF' awareness being coveted by extrinsic factors.

My pageant coach recently challenged me to view my life as a blank canvas in which I am the sole artist; I get to paint whatever I want, the colors are my pick, the curves, patterns, and choices are all mine, it is my perfect creation, not others but mine-it inspired me to blog about 'you vs. them.' I struggled with relocating to an area that admittedly, most might say, lacks an edge in the fashion industry; however, that area has my most enormous support and tribe. I remembered that I am the painter and guide those shades #manifestation.

One of life's most difficult challenges is free thinking and visualization from your unbiased life lens- What do I want? And what will truly make me happy? These are two critical questions. My life used to revolve around what people thought; I just recently learned to verbalize my boundaries, and it still feels awkward, but it is so important to not go with the motions but be mindful of your whats and why's.