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Mr. Romantic Physician

Mr. Romantic Physician
San Antonio Riverwalk

Let's unpack my dating experiences thus far: the fun, wittiness, sexy, and unsexy moments, as well as the best and worst parts of dating. Mr. Romantic, the physician, was tall and handsome and knew how to impress a lady. He approached the host as I entered the restaurant and walked me to our table, taking my coat and pulling the chair like a real gentleman. At first glance, he was beautiful: tall, handsome, well-dressed, and just great to look at. We met on Bumble; his photos weren't a ten, but when I saw him, it was refreshing. He was a gentleman from the onset of our date till we departed at 3 am. Our date started around 8:30 pm; he booked a restaurant on the riverwalk with a view of the Christmas lights. The food was great, and we had excellent conversation. We took a romantic walk after dinner, watching the riverwalk lights, and a few people stopped us saying; you are such a beautiful couple; we'd giggle and say thanks. He practiced pediatric medicine and seemed to love children truly.

So far, all I saw were green flags, but I've learned that a first date is not enough to tell someone's true character. Neither of us wanted the night to end, so we proceeded to a club and another bar, enjoying each other's company. He is a beautiful white man who is well cultured, travels often, and enjoys Afro beats- we bonded over Burna Boy and Ruger's music. By the end of the date, we planned a few more dates and could not wait to see each other again. It was a great date; I'd rate it a solid 8/10. By dates two and three, I started looking deeper into his character and intentions, not letting his beautiful blue eyes distract me. Although he firmly disagreed, I started picking up on the fact that he was slightly fresh out of a breakup and perhaps needed more time to heal. As much as I enjoyed his company, I knew I had to keep dating and let Mr Romantic Physician find himself. He wasn't pleased when I told him I didn't see us working out as a couple, but he respected my opinion. The best part was how amazing I felt, trusting my instinct and not being lured by romance. The worst part was that my following dates were far from this one, and I felt bored early but pushed through. This year, I'll be dating intentionally to be in a relationship, but after going through a divorce, I will not compromise my most essential values ever again.

Mantra: I am beautiful, independent and emotionally available. I will continue to trust my instincts and never compromise my values.