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Our biggest challenge is overcoming our self doubt and fear of failure-miscellaneous

I was listening to one of my favorite female content creators @Rachel Hollis, and she mentioned something that gave me a lot of clarity. She refers to Maslow's hierarchy of needs in relation to our pursuit of something higher. In essence, if we do not have our basic needs met; physiological, safety, belonging/love, it is much harder to pursue higher needs such as esteem, cognitive, aesthetics, self-actualization, and transcendence. Our basic needs for oxygen, safety, and love/ belonging are essential to succeeding in the latter.

On the flip side, overcoming self-doubt and fear becomes the primary barrier between our biggest dreams/goals and achievement if we have those basic needs met. To put it in perspective, "Success and unique innovations do not come overnight. Walt Disney himself was rejected more than 300 times before Mickey Mouse became a success. Overcoming adversity and shifting your perspective on success can make you more resilient, adaptable, and creative" ("blogs.oracle.com"). This is one of many examples; Jeff Bezos, whose net worth is about 116 billion dollars started his business in a small garage-I mean, look at Amazon now. The problem with our pursuit interference is not only fear of failure but this minimalistic mindset that we have adopted. It is not too late until we are cold dead and buried ELLE. So ladies, what's stopping you? Here are some things to think about:

  1. Are my immediate surroundings fostering a growth mindset that positively challenges my goals/dreams?
  2. Is my reluctance due to fear of failure, people's opinions, or comfortability with where I am in life?
  3. Am I doing what I truly love or what I think I love? Do I wake up every day thrilled to go to my job?
  4. Is negative self-talk a part of my daily routine
  5. How am I staying connected to my goals?

Once we answer these questions, the NEXT steps are connecting with better energy, vision boarding, positive self-talk, overcoming fear, and dream bigger than ever. March is around the corner; let's march to success.