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There is nothing Selfish about SELF-LOVE

I decided to intentionally manifest for the next few days before the new year begins. Today let's focus on self-love and romance. I have studied and understand most narcissistic red flags, and I now know that the most romantic partners at first are narcissistic; it's called Love Bombing. They'll do and say anything and everything to get you hooked. Once they have forced enough dopamine release and situated themselves in your soul, they pull away and communicate less. They might become very disrespectful, harsh, and gaslight you. At that point, if you do not recognize the red flags and have enough # self-love to walk away, you could become co-dependent and utterly confused, wondering what you may have done to make them treat you with less love. Self-love permits us to fluently communicate our feelings ( even complicated feelings) without our partner calling us insecure. Self-love also allows you to recognize when you are in a toxic relationship or one that may not benefit you or your partner. A friend of mine mentioned that it is crucial that we, especially as women annotate which qualities in a person are compromisable and which aren't. For example, physical attraction 5/5, emotionally available 5/5, goal oriented/success driven 5/5, family man 5/5, outgoing/adventurous 5/5- are some qualities that I have compromised in the past, and I felt miserable, constantly trying to adjust to my partner. Some say opposites attract, but I'm afraid I entirely have to disagree #POV; my experience has been the opposite. I appreciate astrology and how it reveals certain qualities in individuals that may facilitate compatibility. Well, self-love also means knowing what we want and understanding that we deserve it. Ultimately, we attract what we are, and if we take the time to heal and become whole and healthy, we are 99.9% more likely to attract more beneficial relationships.
Today's mantra: I will work on building my self-worth, loving myself more, and recognizing my areas of weakness.
Manifestation: I manifest love into my parts, my soul, my spirit, and my person. I will only indulge in healthy relationships.