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 Grow up, get an education, preferably a Doctorate, so everyone can address you, Dr, then find a man and obsess over becoming a wife until he proposes. And then be a good wife, the Proverbs 31'st kind of wife; cooks, cleans, makes love to her husband, cares for her home, and approaches him with grace and humility. And then have children; nurse them wake up hourly to feed them, do diaper changes, do house chores, do laundry, dishes, ironing, and make sure you set time aside to look good; also be a good Christian and volunteer at your church. These are generalized unspoken rules that society created for us women. Things went wild when people like Oprah and Kris Jenner broke those norms. FEMINIST! Nobody speaks about the rules of being a man other than providing and protecting; in some cultures, it has been normalized for men to cheat. My life constantly rotated around others until I realized I barely had genuine relationships when I stopped catering to everybody. I started making my own rules and setting boundaries at work, in life, with family and friends, and it felt uncomfortable at first, but growth is uncomfortable. Perhaps we carry so much emotional weight because we have yet to make our own rules; we go with the wind and allow our life stories to be written by everyone. Let these rules guide you to writing yours.

My rules are as follows:

I will only invest my time in reciprocal relationships. I will not consume negative vibrations but respectfully excuse myself from situations that lower my beats. I will do what I love even if it makes no sense to everyone around me. I will always create a safe space for my kids; anyone entering my home will respect our peace or be asked to leave. Work will not be an additional source of stress. I will care for my mind and matter and only indulge with someone who values that part of himself. I do not work for money. Money works for me. Spirituality is an essential part of my relationships.