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You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.-MLK Jr.

I have pondered for too long on how much more achieved and accomplished I may have been by now if I had started doing what I love early. Is it too late to begin? Am I too old? Too wrinkled? Not as perfect as I was a decade ago? Is it worth taking a leap now and striding toward the unknown? We avoid taking risks when we are older, our inner child is silenced, and we only stroll toward certainty. A lady in her 10th decade of life said to stop focusing on all the unforeseen, the what ifs, and the fear of doubt and take a leap, and when you are 102, you will have lived a whole long life with little to no regret. I know that we cannot undo our past, but we can decide to start striding toward our most profound visions, desires, and dreams. Just taking the first step and then another and then another decade from now, we look around and smile at all our accomplishments, hurdles, challenges, and intentional decisions. Being a single mother has challenged me to shift my view of life in general, from wanting indirect permission or validation from a partner to just doing it, no matter how crazy it sounds. I seek counsel from some trusted family members and a life coach when I don't have clarity; however, I do not rely on others to direct my stride anymore-I trust my inner voice.

Mantra: I will stride towards my dreams/goals regardless of what comes next. I will trust the invisibility of the staircase ahead and believe in my capabilities.