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LADIES! what is your self-care regimen? Is it daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or just none? Let's talk about that my love. I recently found myself trapped in a cascade of unpleasant Emotions and I had to remind myself of some basic self-care mantras that are life-giving. If you need some tips/reminders I GOT YOU:

  1. AT HOME SPA: A hot bubble bath that smells sweet and fruity literally uplifts the soul. If you wanna take it to the next level and make it cozier, dim the lights and burn a scented candle (vanilla is always great), lay a hot washcloth over your Eyes, and ask Alexa to play relaxing jazz or classical music. Don't have a bathtub? no worries you can make this happen in your shower too. Throw a few steamers (Eucalyptus) in your shower and let the hot water run as you allow your skin to soak. Dim the lights, burn a candle nearby, and play some relaxing jams. Try not to think about anything other than how relaxed you feel in that moment.
  2. MANI/PEDI/FACIAL: Getting a nice deluxe pedicure with foot massage activates oxytocin release ( relaxing hormone also released during an orgasm). A manicure and facial are added stress relievers that can really help you relax and feel amazing. If you have never gotten a professional facial, I strongly recommend one ladies-it will change your life. Haven't budgeted for all this now? No worries-treat yourself to an at-home mani/Pedi/facial by adding Epsom salt to a large bowl with hot water soak, your feet, and pamper them one at a time. Do the same to your hands, change your nail polish and hydrate your skin. If you do not have a good skincare routine, I recommend pomifera.
  3. ORGASMS: I should have led with this one. Masturbation and great sex are absolutely considered self-care and should be done routinely my loves. Need a good vibrator? I recommend the rose vibrator for my single ladies and the 'we vibe' collection for couples.
  4. NATURE: Taking a solo nature walk/run without the pressure of weight loss or burning calories is very Empowering. This will also reinforce quieting yourself and processing your feelings and thoughts without any distractions.
  5. YOGA, MEDITATION/IFS: These practices are perfect for those who want †o get in †ouch with the inner self. I believe that taking just a few minutes daily to acknowledge our person and how connected or disconnected we feel from certain things is a powerful tool for self-love and affirmation.
  6. YOUR ART: Art is Expressed in various ways and has to be subjective to you for it to count as an act of self-care. My art is writing, makeup, and fashion. Yours could be pottery, rock climbing, dance, singing, choreography,  hosting, organizing, cleaning, baking/cooking, painting, photography, and the list goes on. Find your art and practice it regularly.
  7. Great Companionship: cocktails and brunch with some of your favorite ladies? Yes, that is self-care as long as the conversations are uplifting both ways. You want to leave feeling loved Empowered, more confident, and ready to take on the world
  8. TRAVELING/STAY-VACATION: Girl. let's go to VEGAS .haha! Alright, you do not have to book flights, hotels, and users to Experience travel self-care. Find a gorgeous stay downtown- book a room, just for you. No friends, no spouse, no sugar daddies HAHA! Just you. Put on your comfy PJs, open a bottle of pinot noir, order room service -watch your favorite show, and then sleep in. The next morning, do your makeup and dress nice-go shopping or sightseeing or attend a motivational conference. No calls from home or friends. Disconnect from the world and spend time with yourself.


My single mothers, who feel like this isn't feasible? I get that. I'de say I practice the most daily self-care before my kids wake up and after they are in bed. I appreciate a nice strong cup of coffee in the morning as I set my daily intentions before I hear my 4yr old yell, Mamma. I Enjoy a cold glass of wine and an episode of my favorite show at night after they bed down.

I hope that you make time to practice some SELF-CARE this week and the days after. xoxo