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Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe.”,Opray.

Hi, my loves, Can I start by saying I am so sorry for how little I have been producing content for us lately. I had to embrace the season that my boys and I are in, a relatively busy season. This season is filled with auditions, pageant prep, and international talent convention prep, all while still being a provider, a mother, and a friend and finding time for myself. When my friends ask me how I do it? I frankly pause and realize that I have no idea. All I know is I am usually about 80% exhausted and 20% sleepy. Still, the following day, I woke up excited, wanting more auditions, responsibility, monologues to diagnose, and opportunities to write, inspire, share, and uplift. Our society sometimes makes us feel as if wanting to do more than one thing at once is unrealistic; some even say that if you aren't constantly 'centered,' you need to slow down. I challenge that mindset because that does not apply to people who have no choice but to juggle multiple things: a parent, a partner, a business owner, a dreamer/go-getter, and a human; I mean seriously.

I am here to say, SIS, it is okay to joggle a lot, to be highly productive, to want more than one thing at once, to be an author while being a mother, dream big. Ultimately, if you love what you do, you will look back and have no regret. Those tired bones will be celebrating when it all comes together beautifully. Be UNSTOPABLE.  

Mantra: I will be unstoppable this season, not allowing society's opinion of who they think I should be to slow me down but using the momentum I acquire from being a mother to build an empire so big, so successful, and so inspiring.